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Our Goal

Empowering the global community of rational thinkers by providing a high profile medium for self-publication and collaboration with multimedia content.

The Problem

There is a lot of really good content on the web from a skeptical, scientific and rational perspective. However, the number of producers of truly relevant content is inherently limited. While anyone can write a blog, do a podcast, or create a video, only a small percentage ever reaches an audience, thus having an effect on the conversation taking place about these important issues.

This creates several major problems. First, it limits the subjects that can be covered. With the prevalence of pseudoscience, quack medicine and internet scams increasing exponentially, a small subset of people trying to battle them back will only cover the tiniest fraction of what is out there. Second, time lines tend to lag considerably. In depth coverage of an issue, publication and dissemination take time when only one or a few people are working on it. Finally, it greatly limits the power of a highly intelligent, experienced and engaged community. Giving people a mechanism to publish good content to a wide audience empowers them both in controlling the conversation and also proactively getting engaged in their own countries, towns and families with these issues.

The Solution

The RationalWiki Foundation has spent the last 5 years developing and managing and we are ready to apply our success with that project to the wider web and multimedia publication. RationalWiki has developed software that takes the best of the social web and uses it to help any person anywhere in the world with an internet connection publish high quality, high profile content. With a solid search engine reputation, tons of back linking from blogs and forums, and collaborative open editing RationalWiki has solved a lot of the problems of limited content producers for rational and skeptical content on the internet.

Project Summary

Using existing open source content management software and custom software creation, we plan to develop the website infrastructure for creation of collaborative multimedia content with a scientific and rational perspective, and a publication platform to reach a wide audience.

Stage One

The initial development of the project will focus on several immediate goals.
The first is the basic outline of the website structure to allow for mission relevant publication of multimedia content, a multistage platform for new project development in a collaborative environment, and production of a series of high quality mini-docs as seed content in a partnership with Media for Social Change.

Funding and Partnership

RationalWiki Foundation has run the website on $200 a month. We have a history of low cost, high impact projects. However, the initial development of the RationalWiki Docs project exceeds our funding resources and so we are seeking partnerships with other like-minded organizations. We are initially offering the opportunity for a full partnership, giving the partnered organization high profile on the project and its creation as well as the ability to help direct the project’s development and trajectory. In addition, we are also offering more limited partnerships and advertising space.

For more details and questions contact the RationalWiki Foundation Operations Manager:

Trent Toulouse